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The Whitevision Rotolite® has been designed as a high visibility road safety warning device, which uses wind power to rotate three high performance reflector cups. In low light conditions, once a vehicle’s headlamps hit the RotoliteTM a reflective flashing effect can be easily seen by the motorist. The unit requires no batteries for operation and is easily mounted to common road cones. Perfect for road works and related applications.


• Wind powered – no internal power source required.
• Maintenance free – no batteries or oil to replace or recharge.
• Cone mounting – fits most common types of road cones.
• Double wide angle reflectors – high-visibility double faced reflectors.
• Heavy duty construction – high-impact ABS housing.


Applications • Road maintenance • Traffic control • Mining • Emergency • Breakdown
Function Revolving reflective warning device
Wind Rating < 5Kmh
Mounting Cone mount with screw clips
Reflector Materials High-impact acrylic UV stabilised
Body Materials High-impact ABS – bright orange material
Compliance ADR 47/00

Parts List

WRL3000 Rotolite® 3 cup road cone mount – Bright Orange with Amber Reflectors
WRL3000B Rotolite® 3 cup road cone mount – Bright Orange with Blue Reflectors
WRL3000G Rotolite® 3 cup road cone mount – Bright Orange with Green Reflectors

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