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Rayzer™ Double Row Light Bar


Rayzer™ Pro Series double row LED light bars use the latest free form optics to provide Superior lighting performance with a visually appealing style. 
The Rayzer™ Pro Series’ ultra-bright light output using Broadbeam technology, achieves a long-reaching and wide consistent beam ideal for any situation where maximum illumination is required.  

The Rayzer™ series features an integrated position / DRL light and amber warning function for commercial applications. Included is also a comprehensive stainless steel mounting kit.  Constructed from high grade anodised aluminium, sealed to IP67 and fitted with a virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens Rayzer™ Series LED bars are truly built for the long haul.


  • Powerful combination beam
  • Freeform reflector technology for consistent light
  • Heavy-duty commercial quality
  • ECE Approved


Applications • Mining • 4×4 • Cars
Functions Light Bar
Voltage 10-30V Varivolt®
Wattage 12” – 52W 22” – 102W 32” – 152W 42” – 180W
Lumen 12” – 5300lm 22” – 10500lm 32” – 13680lm 42” – 16200lm
Mounting Front or Rear Stud
Materials Lens – PC Housing – aluminium
Environmental IP67

Parts List

LLB2212 Rayzer 12” Double Row Light Bar, With Park and Fog 9-33V
LLB2222 Rayzer 22” Double Row Light Bar, With Park and Fog 9-33V
LLB2232 Rayzer 32” Double Row Light Bar, With Park and Fog 9-33V
LLB2242 Rayzer 42” Double Row Light Bar, With Park and Fog 9-33V

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