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The Perei 60 Series LED lamps are a versatile heavy duty marker designed for performance and reliability. The 60 series provides a complete styled marker solution for forward, side and rear marker / repeater functions and feature intelligent angled optics providing maximum safety and compliance while matching modern vehicle style.  The low profile compact design allows for a wide range of fitting applications where space is limited. An innovative mounting system uses Smart Clip™ module and base design for secure fitting. Suited to OE and commercial applications. Integrated superseal connector options also available.


• Heavy duty marker solution
• Intelligent optics for maximum safety and compliance
• Secure Smart Clip™ mounting
• Optional integral superseal connector
• Fully ADR compliant


Applications • Trucks  • Rigid Bodies  • Bus & Coach  • Trailers • Heavy Trailers • Boat Trailers • Custom Builds
Functions Front End Outline

Side Marker – Exterior Cabin

Side Marker

Rear Position

ABS Warning
Voltage 9-33V DC Varivolt®
Wattage All Functions: 0.36W @12V
Mounting Smart Clip™
Materials High Impact PMMA Lens ABS Body
Environmental IP67 Hermetically Sealed
Cable Length 3.0M
Dimensions 70x41x23mm
ADR Compliance CRN Certification FM60C3LED: Front End Outline:49/00 / CRN: 29287

RM60AA3LED: Front End Outline:49/00 / CRN: 34479

SM60A3LED: Cab Marker: 45/01 / CRN: 29289 / Supp Flasher: 6/00:Cat5 / CRN: 32020

SM60RA3LED: Side Marker:45/01 / CRN: 29290

RM60R3LED: Rear Position:49/00 / CRN 29288

AM60SS : E-Mark

Parts List

FM60C3LED 60 Series Front End Outline Marker Clear (Clear Lens) 9-33V 3.0M – Box
RM60AA3LED 60 Series Front End Outline Marker Amber – (Clear Lens) – 9-33V 3.0M – Box
SM60A3LED 60 Series Side Marker Amber – (Amber Lens) 9-33V 3.0M – Box
SM60RA3LED 60 Series Side Marker Red / Amber – (Clear Lens) 9-33V 3.0M – Box
RM60R3LED 60 Series Rear Position Marker Red (Red Lens) 9-33V 3.0M – Box
AM60SS 60 ABS Warning Marker with Integral SuperSeal Connection Green (Green Lens) 9-33v

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