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PEREI 505 Series Double Jumbo


The Perei CRL408 Series Twin Jumbo range of combination lamps offers the ultimate in quality, durability and reliability. The twin module design is loaded with a high-strength ABS base with stop/rear position and rear direction indicator with integrated reflectors. The CRL408 series maintains the legacy
coloured lens style for standard applications. It also looks visually modern in vehicle applications. Built and designed specifically for heavy-duty applications, these lamps feature a high heat and
enhanced UV protective coating, meaning these units are highly durable in even the harshest operating conditions. This series suits replacement, OE, caravan and heavy vehicle applications.


  • Multi Module
  • Ultra heavy-duty construction
  • Designed for harsh environments
  • Front or rear stud mount
  • Fully ADR Compliant


Applications • Trucks • Rigid Bodies • Buses & Coaches • Trailers • Heavy Trailers • Custom Builds
Functions Stop / Rear Position / Direction Indicator / Reflector
Voltage 9-33V DC Varivolt®
Wattage STOP: 2.4W


Mounting Stud
Materials Lens – Polycarbonate

Housing – Heavy Duty ABS/PC
Environmental IP67

Parts List

CRL408LEDB PEREI 408 Series Twin Jumbo Stop / Tail / Indicator / Reflector 9-33V Red / Amber Lens Blister
RL505SLEDB PEREI 505 Series Jumbo Stop / Tail Module 9-33V Blister
RL505DLEDB PEREI 505 Series Jumbo Indicator Module 9-33V Blister
RL505RLEDB PEREI 505 Series Jumbo Reverse Module 9-33V Blister

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