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LLBWK100 Light Bar Wiring Harness


The Whitevision Rayzer™ LED Light Bar Plug and Play wiring kit is a new innovative solution to quickly install light bars with multiple functions. Featuring regular power wires as well as two auxiliary wires for powering DRL /PARK / INDICATOR or warning functions.
The wiring already there runs straight into the light making the connection of additional functions fast and easy. The main wiring to the light features heavy-duty wiring all in conduit to suit the harshest of applications including commercial or mining. Intelligent polarity detection allows this kit to use on positive or negative switching systems with ease. The single kit also suits 12V or 24V systems. The Perfect match for your Rayzer™ Lightbar.


  • Plug-and-play wiring harness for Light Bars with a single DT connector
  • Intelligent detection Positive or Negative Systems
  • Includes Relay, Switch, Fuses and H4 / HB3 adapters
  • 4 Pin DT with auxiliary wiring for light bar functions
  • High beam triggered
  • ADR Compliant
  • Optional vehicle-specific wiring adapters are available


Applications • Trucks  • Rigid Bodies  • Custom Builds
Functions Wiring Harness
Voltage 12/24V

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LLBWK100 Plug and play wiring harness for Light Bars with a single DT connector

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