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LHL180 7″ LED Headlight High / Low Beam with Park


The LHL180 series features cutting edge LED technology and advanced optics to provide a fully functional LED headlight with ADR compliant high beam, low beam and parking light for right hand driving applications. Designed for heavy duty and high reliability installations, the LHL180 emits superior light output with ultra high clarity enhancing visibility while on the road. Using enhanced beam technology, the LHL180 will perform to the standards of conventional lighting with greater reliability while drawing less current from vehicle systems. Specially made for direct replacement the LHL180 will seamlessly fit most retrofit applications with ease. Suited to OE and commercial applications.


• Cutting edge LEDs and optics
• Approved LED High / Low Beam with LED Park
• Built for heavy duty use
• Retro fits all conventional 7” Head lamps
• Fully ADR Compliant


Applications • Trucks • Buses and Coaches • Retrofit • 4×4 • Motor Bikes • SUV • Classic Cars
Functions High / Low Beam Headlight with Park function
Voltage 9-33V Varivolt®
Wattage High Beam 28W Low Beam 25W Park 1.5W
Mounting Headlamp Standard
Materials Polycarbonate lens / Aluminum body
Environmental Fully sealed IP67
Connector H4
Dimensions 178mm dia 110mm deep
Homologation Certification ECE (Emark) / ADR: 47823

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LHL180C LHL180 7″ LED Headlight High / Low Beam with Park – Box

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