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Whitevision’s FLLD load modules feature the latest design for ensuring correct LED light operation or wherever a replacement load is needed. The new slimline profile ensures easy fitting in compact spaces with two mounting holes for secure installation. The innovative red anodised colour together with the printed heat dissipation symbols ensures installers are aware of the appropriate mounting areas. Available in a complete range of voltages and wattages the new slimline series caters for a wide range of applications.


  • Available in a range of voltages and wattages
  • Slimline sealed design
  • Compact for easy installation
  • Coloured with markings to assist in installation


Applications • SUV  • Trucks  • Rigid Bodies • Utes • Cars • Classic Cars • 4×4 • Custom Builds
Functions LED Load Simulation
Voltage 1221: 12V 1205: 12V 2421: 24V 2405: 24V
Wattage 1221: 21W 1205: 5W 2421: 21W 2405: 5W
Material Aluminium Housing
Mounting Screw
Environmental IP67 Fully Sealed

Parts List

FLLD1205 5W LED Load Resistors 39R – 12V
FLLD2405 5W LED Load Resistors 39R – 24V
FLLD1221 21W LED Load Resistors 8R – 12V
FLLD2421 21W LED Load Resistors 8R – 24V

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