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The BE325 LED Beacon series is an ultra high-quality range featuring Class 1 level light output for total compliance in transport or site applications. The ultrasonically sealed IP67 lens and body design ensures total protection from water or fine dust. Built for heavy-duty applications, the BE325 series is available in various mounting options as well as a lithium self-powered portable option.


  • 10-30V Varivolt®
  • Class 1 high specification light output / CISPR 25
  • IP67 Ultrasonically sealed lens and base
  • 7 Programable flash modes / 4 rotation modes / 3 flashing modes
  • Available in Stud, Pole or Magnetic mount
  • Portable lithium battery power model option with remote control


Applications • Construction   • Agriculture  • Breakdown  • Emergency • Forklifts
Functions Amber LED beacon
Voltage 10-30V
Wattage ST/MG/PL: 19W

PO: 8.4W
Mounting Stud mount / magnetic base / DIN Pole mount/ Portable mount
Lens Polycarbonate
Environmental IP67
Rotating modes Slow anticlockwise rotation (480ms)

Slow clockwise rotation (480ms)

Quick anticlockwise rotation (300ms)

Quick clockwise rotation (300ms)
Flash pattern Single flash

Double flash

Triple flash

Parts List

BE325A-ST LED Beacon 10-30V Stud Mount (108x47mm) Emarked (ECE R65 Class 1) / ECE R10 (EMI Compliant)
BE325A-MG LED Beacon 10-30V Magnetic Mount (108x54mm) Emarked (ECE R65 Class 1) / ECE R10 (EMI Compliant)
BE325A-PL LED Beacon 10-30V DIN Pole Mount (92x144mm) Emarked (ECE R65 Class 1) / ECE R10 (EMI Compliant)
BE325A-PO LED Beacon 10-30V Portable / Magnetic (130x75mm) Emarked (ECE R65 Class 1) / ECE R10 (EMI Compliant)

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