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12 to 7 pin adaptors


Whitevision’s 12 to 7 Pin adapter range provides an easy solution to connecting vehicles and trailers or caravans when there is either a 12 or 7 pin plug on each. Connections are wired straight through from the 7 pins to the 12 pins, catering for common lighting and auxiliary circuits – perfect for a short term tow.
The range includes a 7 pin plug to a 12 pin socket adapter used for applications when the vehicle only has a 7 pin socket and the towed vehicle has a 12 pin plug. A 12 pin plug to 7 pin socket adapter is also available for applications where the vehicle has a 12 pin socket and the trailer or caravan has only a 7 pin flat plug. This makes the connection much more secure and reliable.


  • 7 to 12 pin trailer adapter range
  • Easy solution for connecting caravans to vehicles
  • High quality connectors
  • Flexible, durable design


Applications • Trailers •Light Trailers • Boat Trailers
Voltage 12V
Contact Current 15
Circuits Wired 7 to 7 only
Material PA Nylon
Pins Nickel-plated
Notes Pin 8 -12 are not wired or active

Parts List

PP12/B5P 12 Pin flat plug top 7 pin flat socket trailer adapter
PP12/B5PB Blister Pack
B4P/PS12 7 Pin flat plug to 12 pin socket trailer adapter
B4P/PS12B Blister

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