OEM Development

Whitevision is a competitive supplier to major automotive OEMs in Australasia and is dedicated to providing the highest levels of product quality and service to meet the needs of today’s automotive manufacturer.

We continue to work with our partners to provide innovative solutions that are optically appealing, improve installation time and reduce cost while maintaining OEM level quality standards.

Our design and production capabilities draw from global resources including the UK, China, Taiwan and Germany.

Design Capabilities include:

OEM proposals include full 3D design proposals along with detailed specifications and legal validation summaries so clients are well informed.

Our global procurement team can ensure a consistent supply to all OEM component requirements.

From the smallest niche OEM projects to mass production requirements, please contact our project manager for all OEM enquiries.

Optical & Electrics

Whitevision’s global resources combine to provide one of the best sources for optical and electrical lighting design in the world. We recognise that automotive lamps need to look as good as they perform. Our dedicated design team have many years of experience in providing high-tech design architecture for the automotive industry.

Using advanced optical design software we can provide rendering of 3D models showing designs in both illuminated and non-illuminated states to provide a superior view of how the final result will look when integrated with your project.

As automotive lampware becomes more electrically driven from the LED revolution, our circuitry can be developed to integrate seamlessly into the vehicle’s electrical systems. Using ultra advanced SMD technology, Whitevision can also provide extremely low profile LED lighting; making them not only slimline, but lightweight and versatile.

Whitevision’s trade marked Varivolt® technology allows for our lighting products to be operated within specific voltage limits. These can be customized to suit requirements. By using innovative circuitry it is possible to ensure consistent light output over a given range to improve safety, especially in signal lighting applications.

Project Management

From initial concept and development to production line supply, Whitevision’s globally coupled resources ensure OEM or commercial projects are conducted with timely precision and accuracy.

Our design and planning team utilises advanced automotive product quality planning to gather initial project information. This enables them to then provide a clear map of the development cycle. This is important as it simplifies coordination of OEM part integration for clients and partners.

A project manager provides ongoing information regarding all projects in order to ensure the development is on schedule.

Validation Testing

To ensure the highest quality standards all of our projects are subjected to development testing and production maturation. Environmental and Photometric testing is conducted through our global partners SAE and ECE approved laboratories ensuring cost efficiency and maximising the amount of time saved.

Design Capabilities include:

Design Capabilities include:

Whitevision ensures all of its current products and projects comply with the standards and legal requirements to ensure product design and safety will meet customer’s needs

Design Capabilities include: