Introducing the latest innovation in safer smarter vehicle lighting, the all new
HaloTrack™ series from Whitevision. HaloTrack™ is true-edge LED illumination
technology enhancing safety by lighting right to the outer edges of the lamp.

The new CRL285 HaloTrack™ Sequential series is the next generation in multifunction rear combination signal lamps. Delivering highly styled optics and unique lens design, this series provides a fully compliant rear lighting solution for stop, diffused rear position, sequential indicator, reverse and reflector functions.

Magnificent Sequential Indicator

Get attention on the road with the safety of sequential indicator LED technology. The new CRL285 series incorporates this new innovation that is designed to clearly communicate to other road users intention to turn. A truly sensational system for safer signal lighting.

Many features

Surface mount clip in base for easy fitment
9-33V Varivolt® technology allows for compatibility for 12 and 24 volt vehicle systems
Polycarbonate lens design for long haul durability
ADR compliant
More than just good looks
The special “soft optics” of the HaloTrack™ series makes it easier for the eyes to
see, adjust and recognise illuminated rear signal lighting giving an added layer safer visibility while on the road. HaloTrack™ technology additionally offers a high-tech design appearance that matches and enhances modern vehicle, trailer or caravans.

Made for the infinite journey

Built to Whitevision’s highest quality standards, the HaloTrack™. series is
suited to both heavy and light transport applications and is backed by our 5-year commercial warranty.

Multiple options

Available in stop/tail/indicator, or stop / tail/indicator/reverse, the CRL285 series has it covered for car, ute, truck, trailer, bus or boat.

Make the move

Ensure you have a true edge on your vehicle lighting with HaloTrack™